academy (plural: academies)

  1. A garden or grove near Athens (so named from the hero Academus), where Plato and his followers held their philosophical conferences; hence, the school of philosophy of which Plato was head.
  2. An institution for the study of higher learning; a college or a university. Popularly, a school, or seminary of learning, holding a rank between a college and a common school.
  3. A place of training; a school.
    • Academies of fanaticism - Hume
  4. A society of learned men united for the advancement of the arts and sciences, and literature, or some particular art or science; as, the French Academy; the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; academies of literature and philology.
  5. A school or place of training in which some special art is taught; as, the military academy at West Point; a riding academy; the Academy of Music.
  6. (vulgar) A brothel (1811 Dictionary of Vulgar Tongue)

7 letters in word "academy": A A C D E M Y.

No anagrams for academy found in this word list.

Words found within academy:

aa ace aced acme ad ae am ama ay aye cad cade cam came cay cyma cymae cyme da dace dae dam dame day de decay demy dey dye ea ecad ed em emyd ma maa maaed mac mace maced mad made mae may maya mayed me mead med my myc ya yam ye yea yead

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